I have a confession to make: Having a business was never in my plans…

I’m regularly asked how I got into business and I have a confession: having a business was never in my plans. My sole interest was in being a therapist and helping people; in the compelling art and science of rehabilitation.

I graduated from a Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy program, 4 years at the top of my class yet, I embodied the false sense that I was gravely unworthy of the profession; I felt that I must pursue further education.

I was accepted into a Masters of Physical Therapy Program and that’s when my body shifted from asking “please don’t” to demanding ‘“NO!”.

I became disabled with what was eventually narrowed down to a chronic pain condition rooted in a severe autoimmune disorder. I lost my hair, strength, ability to heal and properly digest food, sense of personal power…I lost health.

While navigating through the healthcare system I had to make ends meet. A casual job as a gym desk attendant and personal trainer is where my coworkers discovered my hidden talents and training; they offered to pay for my professional help. Knowing that I was prepared with all the licensing and equipment, I graciously accepted. The next thing I knew I was treating over 50 people out of my tiny suite, got a business licence and quickly expanded into a professional office building. (Oh, and in case you were worried, I simultaneously worked extremely hard to get my conditions into remission).

Reflecting on the organic development of Meraki Wellness Solutions makes my heart smile. I pride myself on the word of mouth that built my business – a genuine testament about myself as a practitioner and as an unexpected, passionate, and ever-learning business owner. I am also very humbled to have such wonderful clientele along for the ride.

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