ICBC & Personal Injury Claim Rehab

Yes, we rehabilitate ICBC motor vehicle collision claims… and are very passionate about it too! This service is organized using your ICBC claim number with prior approval from your ICBC Health Benefits Manager and/or your lawyer.

*You must have an ICBC claim number and prior approval to schedule this appointment.

Your first visit will involve a comprehensive assessment starting with a discussion of the accident, areas of injury/pain followed by a physical evaluation of your injuries. Based on the assessment findings, an individualized treatment plan will be designed for you. Usually there is no treatment during the first visit as it is discussion/assessment-based in order to best treat you moving forward, therefore, it is highly suggested that you book a follow up visit within 5 days of your assessment to avoid more delay in treating your ailments**.

Depending on your injury status, treatment may include one or a combination of the following:

  • Physical rehabilitation sessions in the treatment room (see “Injury Assessment & Treatment”).
  • Exercise therapy sessions in the gym.
  • Hydrotherapy sessions in the pool (see “Pool Therapy”).

We are happy to answer any questions regarding how claims therapy works. Please contact the office at 250-940-2854.

*Please note: we do not accept WSBC/WCB claims at this time.

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