Athletic Therapy Massage

Ali practices massage under her Athletic Therapy certification. Since a very young age she has had the natural talent of detecting tissue densities, textures, and abnormalities. This intuition is a primary reason many of her clients keep on coming back for more. Ali is  trained in Soft Tissue Release technique and uses this style along with trigger point release, cupping and effleurage/petrissage varieties.


What to expect:

  • Think ‘sports massage style’ – can be uncomfortable, but very helpful.
  • For heat lovers: option of heated massage table, heat pads, cozy pillow & blanket.
  • Dim lighting, relaxing music, essential oil diffuser.


“This lovely human, Ali, has an intuitive & healing touch….it’s rare to find and I’m stoked that she is now part of my “keep this body going” team!” – Karen M.


*Please wear your lower undergarments – this allows me to properly utilize sheets to drape and expose areas of the body.

*If you are looking for a relaxing and silent experience, I cannot guarantee this as I am in a shared office building. The best bet for quiet time is 7-8am, 2-3pm and 5-7pm. 

*Not billed as RMT, I am a certified Athletic Therapist that is specialized in soft tissue (often accepted under people’s Physiotherapy coverage). Please check your health plan prior to booking if you are concerned about coverage.

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