Love From Clients


Ali was a huge help with my recovery from a car accident, her massage and athletic therapy expertise were key to my on-going healing. I highly recommend Ali!
Sarah Herring
I've seen Ali for both chronic and acute issues, she's done an amazing job diagnosing and treating me! I've recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so.
Grant Giller
Ali is incredible at what she does. Being an athlete and travelling lots I've had quite a few treatments over the years, and Ali is exceptional. The time, effort, intrigue, and desire to get to the root of the problems exceeded the expectations I have for treatments. 100% recommend.
Evan Guthrie
Ali has been extremely helpful in helping me maintain my body for competitions as well as aiding in any injuries I have had. She not only helps fix the problem directly but helps SO much with overall health and wellness, makes you laugh, and acts like a real person not just a clinic robot. She's the best!
Morgan Rozon
During COVID-19 I started increasing my running mileage, which meant I also experienced more knee pain. Ali was able to be super flexible during COVID protocols to help me address my pain. Ali was able to locate the source of the problem, and offered a treatment plan that was easy to follow, with virtual sessions to guide me through each exercise. Ali is always able to connect the dots to find the real root of the pain rather than just treating the symptoms.
I have struggled with my posture for a long time, and with my job I would often get tension headaches. After a few sessions with Ali, my posture has improved so much, and I haven't gotten a tension headache since! She is so knowledgeable, friendly, and AMAZING! I am so impressed. Goodbye Tension headaches.
Amanda C.
I was referred to Ali in June after competing in a brutal Enduro Mountain Bike race. I could barely walk without pain. After years of racing and chronic back and hip problems from crashes, torn muscles, and several broken bones, I was, in Ali's words, "a total mess". I recommend Ali without hesitation. She has a true gift.
Adam Walker
After 8 weeks of the MTB Bootcamp, I feel fantastic!  I have increased mobility and feel so much stronger.  Both Adam and Ali have amazing energy and made the workouts fun and interactive.  I loved the creativity used by the coaches to keep the exercises bike specific.  The increased power and agility that I feel has given me more control over my bike. I also took one of the Cycling Co’s mountain bike clinics which was amazing. I can’t wait to combine my new-found fitness with the skills I learned in the clinic. Thanks for helping me on my journey.
Christine Jensen
I participated in a mountain bike boot camp that Ali did the workouts and mobility sessions for. Ali had a super upbeat attitude, gave really helpful body position pointers, and kept things different and challenging with new exercises every session. The program did a fantastic job of transitioning the group through to some pretty intense workouts without any fear of injury and I felt like I got a lot stronger (and more flexible) in a short period of time (and had lots of fun being entertained by Ali-isms along the way). I would definitely recommend any exercise program run by Ali.
Shaun Eden
My first time going to Ali, and it was absolutely fabulous! The first time I’ve had no headaches, neck tension, or lower back pain in weeks. Thank you! Can not wait for my next appointment, and I’ll be referring her name to all my colleagues.