Chronic Pain Management

Ali has first-hand experience with chronic pain and is passionate about helping others navigate living well with chronic pain.

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Everyone has a story; here’s mine:

I had a traumatic brain injury at 16 years old, nearly died in intensive care at 18, shingles and vertigo at 19, and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia at 20. Along the way I had lumbar spine damage, blew out a knee, broke a wrist, fractured teeth, etc. and eventually ended up with excruciating nerve pain and several autoimmune diseases. I’ve made my way from disabled to relatively pain free with few physical limitations and run a thriving business!  Read on…

I have a confession: I never planned on having a business.
My sole interest was in being a therapist and helping people; in the compelling art and science of rehabilitation.
I graduated from a Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy program with what I thought was a manageable case of  fibromyalgia and started the Masters of Physical Therapy Program shortly after. My body hit it’s threshold, shifting from begging “please don’t” to demanding ‘“NO!”. I became hospitalized, then disabled with what was eventually narrowed down to a chronic pain condition rooted in a severe autoimmune disorder. I lost my hair, strength, ability to heal and properly digest food, sense of personal power…I lost health.
While navigating through the healthcare system I had to make ends meet. A casual job as a gym desk attendant and personal trainer is where my coworkers discovered my hidden therapy skills; they offered to pay for my professional help. Knowing that I was prepared with all the licensing and equipment, I graciously accepted. The next thing I knew I was treating over 50 people out of my tiny suite, got a business licence and quickly expanded into a professional office building. (Oh, and in case you were worried, I simultaneously worked extremely hard to get my conditions into remission and I am happy to share how I did it).

Meraki (n.): The soul, creativity, or love put into something: the essence of yourself that you put into your work.

So, how can I help you?

Gentle yet effective massage techniques, pain-friendly movement practices, lifestyle suggestions/problem solving, TENs electrotherapy, aquatic exercise … humour and camaraderie!

FACTO! Did you know that being submerged in water calms down the sympathetic nervous system (‘fight or flight’)? i.e aquatic therapy helps with nerve pain and stress-driven disorders.

Did you know that bilateral (left and right), alternating, rhythmic movements regulate anxiety and pain impulses?

**When booking online for chronic pain management, please schedule the option “Initial Assessment”**

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